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"Not the best original review, no offense."

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Of course the original configuration isn't great, it's made for a port of the Doom engine. And as for it being simple, if it's anything like Doom it's deathmatch isn't simple, at least not when you have a slight idea of what's going on in the game. CoD and the like promote camp, that doesn't sound too testorone-filled to me.

  • Brings Megaman fans to Doom-like games (hopefully)
  • All the pros Doom has
  • Well thought out and done .wad, even for an alpha
  • Weapons can be used with single-player .wads (in case any new Doom players didn't know)
  • Few people play it
  • A single-player mode would be nice too
  • I'm not that much of a Mega Man fan

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03 Sep 2012

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